Why the Hell Aren't You Listening To Vetta Borne?

Vetta Borne has been stuck in my head for almost a year.
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Vetta Borne (Photo supplied).

I first saw Melbourne’s Vetta Borne perform live almost exactly a year ago, on a cool Autumn night in May.

As part of a showcase run by music label The Operatives, a group of upcoming musical talent collaborated their way around the impeccably designed stage of The Forum, crooning across each other's discographies and crisscrossing songs to create one flowing performance.


Vetta Borne sauntered onto the stage, lulling the audience into quiet awe. The choreography was perfect, her voice angelic, soft and come-hither. Since then, Vetta Borne has been stuck in my head.

Born Maribelle Anes, the name Vetta Borne is an homage to her late-grandma, her passing a moment in time where Borne sought a fresh start. Her songs are intimate, attractively R&B, rolling with a slight funk and disco twist. With a silky smooth voice, Borne’s lyrics delve into the deeply personal and, on another note,  if I do say so myself, her performance wardrobe is that of a world class diva.

A woman of many hats – producer, songwriter AND artist – Borne’s latest production and writing offering comes through the form of “But You” by South Korean boy band iKON. It’s easy to see her influence as the song delves into topics of love and want.

It’s a theme that runs along the same lines in her 2020 single “Girls” - one of her best and most well-known. While singing that “girls keep on breaking her heart”, she journeys through an unreciprocated relationship. “I guess I’ll never be what you need” she mooches.

But my personal favourite from Borne is “Sunshine”, off her debut 2021 EP Emelia. With a plucking guitar that sounds like soft morning sunlight beating down through sheer curtains, the track plays like something from a Lofi Chill Study playlist. “Cause even the sun don’t shine, even the sun needs time”, she sings. Subdued, it is reflective and honest - one of the best aspects of Borne’s work.

To the future. As the post-pandemic blues depart and the R&B queens of Australia continue on their rise, Vetta Borne – both in production and onstage artistry– will be an exciting talent to watch. 

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