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MikeQ’s Qween Beat Label Releases Infectious ‘Qweendom’ Compilation

Long live the Qween.
Artwork courtesy of label

New Jersey ballroom DJ MikeQ's Qween Beat imprint has dropped its hotly anticipated first release on the label. The Qweendom compilation consists of 11 tracks from ballroom musicians such as Byrell the Great and LSDXOXO. MikeQ founded Qween Beat as a label solely dedicated to ballroom/vogue music, as opposed to his much less classifiable work with Fade to Mind which takes from a plethora of influences as well as ballroom.


The label boasts over 20 artists, 17 of which appear on this compilation. "Get Sum," Mike Q's collab with the late house producer, Romanthony, and Byrell the Great's "Bubble Drip," two tracks already released on SoundCloud, also made the comp. Both are frenetic tracks with stripped down synth runs and zealous lyrics. Like a lot of ballroom, there's a noticeable Jersey club influence, in both syncopation and sassy vulgarity. A must-get for torrid, end of August parties.

Listen to "Get Sum" below and buy the compilation on iTunes. Read about the time MikeQ and Venus X brought ballroom to Mexico City.