How Google’s Do-Good Startup Became an Internal Mess

This week's CYBER is all about how our reporter Lorenzo Franchesci-Bicchierai revealed Jigsaw's toxic workplace culture.

Since its inception, Google’s Jigsaw had bold ambitions: countering some of the internet's biggest existential problems with technology solutions.

The team took on ambitious projects like helping prevent journalists from being DDoS attacked, going after ISIS and its online radicalization efforts with a digital ad-campaign and, perhaps its boldest effort, trying to detoxify the entire internet.

Jigsaw has been seen by the press as Google’s do-gooder enterprise, something to offset things like the Silicon Valley giant helping the military advance its artificial intelligence program.

But an investigation by Motherboard reporter Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai revealed that Jigsaw has a toxic workplace culture.

On this week’s episode of CYBER, Lorenzo sits down with me to discuss his story. Turns out, behind closed doors Jigsaw isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.