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Did Kendrick Do an Impression of Drake During Last Night's 'Late Show' Performance?

He switches tone for emphasis, but is it more than emphasis? Now the whole world's talking.
September 10, 2015, 12:41pm

As we've already reported, Kendrick delivered a grandiose spectacle on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, with a medley of "Wesley's Theory", "Momma", "u", and "King Kunta."

But it's the now notorious bars, "But a rapper with a ghostwriter? What the fuck happened?" and "I swore I wouldn't tell, but most of y'all sharing bars like you got the bottom bunk in a two man cell," that have a few people on the internet chattering. Basically, Kendrick completely switches from angry and impassioned to lax for these lines, rolling his words and altering his tone. It seems like it was just for emphasis, but now some fans are posting on Twitter and Reddit that it actually sounds like a purposeful impression of Drake himself.


Last month, we took a look at the history of Kendrick's and Drake's apparent barbs toward each other. Is this an escalation of that? Watch the performance below and skip to around the 2:50 mark to judge for yourself.

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Kendrick performed "King Kunta" and it SEEMED he did a Drake impression when he said the ghostwriter line #StephenColbert

— Waldo Geraldo Faldo (@KhrisJWilson) September 10, 2015

was that a Drake impression when Kendrick said "rapper with a ghost writer" #LSSC

— *brady smh (@bradycanoe) September 10, 2015

Gotta think Kendrick hit a Drake impression during the ghostwriter line??? What a performance on Colbert

— Robbie (@RobbieMac16) September 10, 2015