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PREMIERE: Dark Neoclassical OGs Amber Asylum Return With a Lush New Meditation on Sin and Loss

Stream the beautifully chilling new song "Executioner" here.

Photo by Pony Gold

Dark, doomy neoclassical music is having a pretty good 2015. First, Portland's Disemballerina released their jaw-dropping revenge odyssey Poison Gown (which we gushed about already), and now, Bay Area fixture Amber Asylum has seen fit to grace us with a sinuous new album, the band's first since 2009's Bitter River. It's called Sin Eater, and it comes hot on the heels of a massive restrospective 20th anniversary anthology recently released by Prophecy Productions.

Sin Eater itself is one for the romantics; there are subtle electronic touches, but the focus is on the strings and the darkness they summon, those lush arrangements of cello and violin that weep, wail, and beckon. As always, the lineup is first-class; Sin Eater boasts the considerable talents of main composer and multi-instrumentalist Kris T. Force as well as Sarah Rosalena Brady, Jackie Perez Gratz, Becky Hawk, and Fern Lee Alberts, all immensely talented women who are no strangers to multi-tasking.

Listen to a new song—the beautifully chilling "Executioner"—below, and grab the album on a variety of formats here.