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Get Ready to Have a Bunch of Sex Because Ty Dolla $ign Just Dropped 'Sign Language'

The LA crooner is here to save your sexless summer.

Here we are in the dog days of summer, the time of year during which you’re feeling a little groggy because it’s hot outside and coffee is too warm to actually drink and August is always just kind of lame because it reminds you of when you had to go back to school when you were a kid and school just fucking sucks. All of this is a recipe for not feeling sexy and, surprisingly, not really wanting to do it, despite the fact that sex is totally awesome. Thankfully, Ty Dolla $ign, the sexiest man alive (aside from, maybe, Jeremih, and he's featured), just dropped his latest mixtape, Sign Language. The tape follows Ty’s EP release from earlier this year, and last year’s immensely popular and porking-friendly Beach House 2. We’re only one song in and we’re already pregnant. Stream it below via DatPiff.


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