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Fred Durst, American Man, Asks Important Election Day Question

“What’s it going to be for you?”
November 8, 2016, 8:07pm

With the presidential election seemingly on a knife-edge, with fate of future generations hanging in the balance​ and millions rushing to perform their sacred civic duty, America has turned to its cultural and spiritual titans for guidance.

Anyway, here's Fred Durst.

That's right, America. You heard the man. His beard all bushy, the sun streaming in behind him like a halo round a glorious nu-metal angel, Steve Winwood playing in the background, Fred Durst, American Man, has weighed in.


"Well, today's the day," he says, acknowledging that today is, indeed, the day of the presidential election. Then the big query: "What's it gonna be for you?" What's what going to be for us, Fred Durst? What do you mean? I am confused.

"Clinton, or Trump?"

I see.

That's Fred Durst's take on this year's election, everybody. Happy Election Day!​​

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