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Tonic Is Joining the New

See you there.

Starting today, Tonic is merging with the larger VICE brand. You'll still be able to enjoy our healthy blend of skepticism and fun, but now you'll find it in the Health, Sex, Drugs, and Identity sections on the new website.

The Tonic team that brought you such classics as Asking for a Friend, the Coping newsletter, and other thought-provoking, award-winning and -nominated work is still here, and still creating health and wellness stories you won't find anywhere else. We're still focused on bringing you coverage that's informative, personal, sometimes taboo-busting, never breathless or hype-driven, and always thoroughly and carefully reported. We're still totally into talking about how to be healthier, and about the forces that prevent us from doing so, whether they be social, political, economic, or just our damn selves getting in our own way. But now we're excited to be doing it all as an integral part of VICE.

You'll keep seeing our work on Tonic Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Thanks for all the love, and we look forward to seeing you on