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Have a Pillow Talk with 'Perv On The Go'

Talking sex on the internet one candid interview at a time.
Images courtesy Shelby Sells

Looking to liberate sexual prowess through a thought-provoking Wordpress-based platform, Perv On The Go opens up a dialog and conducts experiments focused on love, sex, and relationships, through interviews and 35mm photo shoots.

Realized by founder Shelby Sells, POTG emerged a little over two years ago during her days in the the Los Angeles party scene. Sells says friends and strangers alike would endlessly divulge details of their sexual endeavors and relationship drama without inquiry. “I’ve always had an affinity toward people and their bouts with love. I, myself, am a devout romantic and love enthusiast. I recognized my passion for talking about these issues on a personal level with people and decided to start a blog where I interviewed subjects about their own unique experiences,” Sells tells The Creators Project.


This evolved naturally, almost as if it were her calling. “Some of my first memories as a child are very sexual. I would hump my teddy bears and would share an intimate relationship with any hot tub jet I crossed paths with,” Sells recalls. “I think I have always emulated sexuality and the older I get, the more I am learning how to harness my sexual power. I put it into my work to inspire others to be comfortable with themselves.”

“I’m genuinely interested in people and what they have to say," she explains. "All of my interviews are done in person and I do my best to create a healthy environment for my subjects to feel safe in. I listen. I engage. I care. I laugh. I cry. I share my own experiences. I aim to empower.”

Sells admits that it takes a lot of guts and vulnerability to speak your mind and share things you’ve been through, though she didn’t seem to have any difficulty in getting icons like Rome Fortune, Father, and Kreayshawn to recently open up to her. “I have fought immensely to create this space for myself and others,” says Sells.

“I feel confident that I have created a positive platform for people to express their experiences, views, share their dreams and fantasies, and display their own works of art without hate (body/slut shaming etc.) or criticism. I have been blessed to work with so many talented people who helped me create this outlet by sharing their stories with me.”


With her only intention to have an open and honest conversation, Sells works to overcome the “watered-down garbage people say just to fit in or look cool on the internet.”

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