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Ones and Zeros: Creating New Matter, the Biggest Black Hole Ever, and Bill Nye's Kickstarter

Our weekly roundup of what's hot and not on this here Internet.

Our weekly roundup of what's hot and not on this here Internet. See last week's here.

ONE: Motherboard's new look

Bear with us during the migration process.

ONE: Why manufacturing is returning to the US

The new trend? Insourcing.

ZERO: Microsoft's new campaign to make Google look bad

Have you been Scroogled?

ONE: A philosopher, a scientist and a software engineer contemplate “extinction-level” risks to our species

There's no punchline.

ZERO: The new chair of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee is a climate change skeptic

SOPA supporter Lamar Smith fills out a House committee of all white men. What happened to the binders full of women?

ONE: The digitalization of the largest retailer in the world

Walmart has Amazon in its sights. They certainly have the leverage: 96 percent of Americans live within 20 miles of a store.

ONE: President Obama nominates first gay Latina judge to U.S. District Court

If confirmed, Judge Quiñones Alejandro would become the first openly gay Hispanic woman to serve on the federal bench.

ZERO: The UN wants to take over the Internet

"Letting the Internet be rewired by bureaucrats would be like handing a Stradivarius to a gorilla," writes Wall Street Journal columnist L. Gordon Crovitz.

ONE: Bill Nye's Kickstarter

He wants to make an iPad game that teaches kids about aerodynamics.


ZERO: Syria disconnected their Internet

Why now?

ONE: The Large Hadron Collider may be creating new types of matter

Collisions between protons and lead ions may have produced a new type of matter known as color-glass condensate.

ONE: We found the biggest black hole ever

It makes up 14 percent of its galaxy's mass with an event horizon that's 4 light-days across