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The Highest-Resolution Photo in the World Measures 365 Gigapixels

Filippo Blengini and Alessandra Bacchilega set a new world record.
June 10, 2015, 8:00pm
Filippo Blengini and Alessandra Bacchilega, in2white. Via

It's the largest panoramic photo ever taken: Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the European Alps, standing mighty and snow-capped.

Taken in late May by Italian photographer Filippo Blengini and Alessandra Bacchilega for the mammoth photographic project, in2white, the photograph was created over a period of 15 days at 11,482 feet above sea level from a total of 70,000 images of the stunning mountain scenery. In frosty 14 degree weather, the five-member team waited a total of 35 hours in the wild to capture every detail of Mont Blanc with a Canon EOS 70D (BrennweiteEF 400mm F2.8). A total of 46 TB of data were then processed in a two-month post-production phase to create what's most probably the most accurate digital image of the Mont Blanc to-date.

On the specially dedicated in2white website, you can explore the picture in detail as well—and the results are fascinating. Clicking on the icon at the bottom right takes you into full-screen mode. Then, you can click on the black dot in the center of the photo to get an impression of the gigantic dimensions of the panorama. Check in2white out in full below, and head over to the website to get the full experience.

A version of this article originally appeared on The Creators Project Germany. 


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