alex schubert comics

  • Ariel Pink

    Fashion Cat is on the red carpet interviewing Ariel Pink about what it means to chase negative publicity. It's a laugh and a half.

  • David Letterman

    Fashion Cat is a powerful and important artist who is a cat. This time around, Fashion Cat is having a nightmarish appearance on David Letterman.

  • Dr. Slime in 'Fury'

    A tragic tale of a mad scientist, an experiment gone horribly awry, and an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster starring Shia LaBeouf.

  • Happy Birthday, Fashion Cat

    While the Blobby Boys are away, the Fashion Cat will play. In this episode, Fashion Cat is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, when he discovers that he will never be cool again.

  • Magazine

    A down-and-out publisher knows there's only one thing that can save his magazine—an interview with Fashion Cat.

  • Adrian's Zine

    The Blobby Boys are three slimy guys who are in a band but act more like a gang. In this comic one of them has made a zine about chains and rocks, but are chains and rocks still cool?