bath salts

  • A History of Bad Legal Highs

    There are a million legal ways to get high, from airplane glue to just holding your breath for a while. In fact, most legal highs suck. But for many people, especially very young people, legal highs are the easiest way to pleasantly scramble your brain...

  • UN Warns of Unprecedented Surge in Synthetic Drug Use Worldwide

    Although they are sold openly and described as “legal highs,” the effects of these drugs are not any less harmful and often can be fatal.

  • Synthetic Drugs Are Busted All Over the US

    The DEA announced a massive crackdown on synthetic drugs, which has rounded up more than 150 people across 29 states so far.

  • 2013: The Year That Everyone Sounded Like Disclosure

    Is it me, or does all this shit sound the same?

  • I Dated an MCAT Addict for Two Very High Months

    My first time taking MCAT I thought I'd pop a pill at 10 PM and go to bed early. But then I did another one around 2 AM, and another at 4 AM, and another at 10 AM. You know where this story is going.

  • Bath Salts in the Wound

    Few places were as primed for the plague of bath salts as the Southeast neighborhood of Roanoke, Virginia. Before long, buyers swarmed the tobacco stores that carried it. Salt users would show up at a retailer five or six times a day. The lines were...