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  • Our Top 11 Comics of 2014

    Featuring Jonny Negron, Jesse Moynihan, Gilbert Hernandez, Dick Briefer, and more.

  • New York Comic Con Is the Best Thing in My Life

    Every summer I eagerly anticipate the fall, because it means I get to spend another week at my favorite event, New York Comic Con.

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #83

    How are you? I am fine. Each week or so I share some images, news, and reviews related to comics, illustration, art, and nerd interest in this column. This week, I have review of the great new book "Star Trek: The Next Generation 365" and an awesome...

  • Brief Reviews of Every Movie I Saw in Theaters in 2012

    Maybe American movies used to be better before they started trying to remake everything, or maybe I was just a little kid then and now I’m slightly more tired of it all. Whatever the case, here are some tiny shitface diatribes about the eight movies I...

  • Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #69

    This is my 69th comics column for VICE and I am very proud of that. I hope that you are 69ing while are reading it. I am masturbating to Penny Flame having sex with a hot tub full of Jack in the Box employees.