• The Deep Sadness of Elk That Don't Run

    I don't particularly like being shy. I don't think it benefits me in any way, whether in terms of regular ol' evolutionary selection or in terms of post-nature meta-survival (broad-spectrum human fulfillment, say). Shyness in humans is undesirable to...

  • Quango - A Common European Destiny

    Spoiler: It involves a War for Shiny Things and the killing of many elk.

  • Brooklyn Butchers

    Maybe you've noticed that everybody is really into eating pig flesh again. Lamb, too. Also duck, elk, quail, and even bunny. This stuff is all over new menus in Brooklyn right now.

  • How to Eat in the Valley

    It's porn central and Burbank's the movie-studio hub. There are definitely unsafe parts of the Valley, e.g., Van Nuys. I think Bob Hope called it "Cleveland with palm trees," which pretty much describes a lot of LA.