first nation rights

  • This Couple Is Raising a Child at a Tailings Pond Blockade

    We visited Molly Wickham and Cody Merriman, a couple raising their three-year old son at a blockade on unsurrendered indigenous land in British Columbia. The land is the site of a mining company backed tailings pond proposal that aims to create a...

  • This Is What a Line 9 Blockade Looks Like Before It Gets Raided

    We visited the protesters behind a six-day blockade of an Enbridge construction that ended with heavy machinery and six arrests.

  • Inside the Tar Sands' Last Healing Walk

    We sent VICE Canada's Michael Toledano to visit the final Tar Sands Healing Walk in Alberta, where Indigenous residents on the front lines of bitumen extraction in Alberta came together to pray and protest the massive continental oil projects in their...