• These Fishermen Are Using Twitter to Sell Haddock

    After a day at sea, fishing cooperative Dreckly Fish tweets photos of its catch to over 2,000 Twitter followers. Customers tweet to request the shellfish, haddock, cod, or sole they require and have it delivered in less than 24 hours.

  • The UK's Small-Scale Fishermen Are Struggling to Make a Living

    Small-scale fishermen make up the majority of the UK’s fishing fleet but have access to just 4 percent of the Individual Fishing Quota, a system intended to prevent overfishing, but that could actually be harming the seabed and local fishermen.

  • The Men Who Battle the World's Biggest Fish Face to Face

    "You have to jump off the back of the boat, while it's still moving, into boat wake, swim below the bubbles, open your eyes, and hope that dark shadow isn't a mako or a tiger shark staring back at you."