• Nobody Takes My Chip Addiction Seriously

    When I tell people I'm addicted to potato chips, laughter is usually their first reaction. Apparently, an addiction to chips isn't taken very seriously, but mine is spinning out of control.

  • Cuban Cockfights Are Bloody and Violent and Stinky

    We found our seats among the rusted steal poles that wrapped around the arena. Then we sat back hoping to cash in as two cocks ferociously clawed each other to death. If we won, we’d earn roughly 20 cents—a fair day’s wage for a country with an average...

  • MUNCHIES Presents: The Pizza King

    Dan Janssen, a guy forever known as a the "pizza king" is the guy who made international headlines when we interviewed him a few months ago about his unique diet: of surviving on pizza alone for the last 25 years.

  • Your Hormones Could Be the Reason for Your Late-Night Cravings

    We all love indulging in late-night snacking, but for those with Night Eating Syndrome—yes, that's a technical term—an insatiable compulsion to consume food late at night is a necessity, not just a greedy decision.

  • This Man Documented Over One Hundred Burritos He Ate in a Year

    When we first heard about Michael Odbert, the burrito-obsessed guy, we thought it was just a gimmick. We spoke to him about his year in burritos, what makes up a quality versus a garbage burrito, but more importantly: What's going on with his poop?

  • Learning How to Survive on the Cajun Swamp

    I left city life behind to try to live alone—with my dog—on a houseboat on the disappearing Cajun swamp, where living conditions involved finding cottonmouth snakes in my bed, no neighbors or grocery stores, and a lonesome propane tank to cook my meals.