Future of Incarceration

  • The Uncertain Fate of Jails and Prisons Under Trump

    A field trip to jails and prisons after Trump's election suggests criminal justice reform will continue even if the feds don't make it easy.

  • How I Keep People Out of Jail

    ​How the director of operations at the Center for Court Innovation in New York City is working to create a fairer criminal justice system.

  • How Do We Keep People Out of Jail?

    From bail and court hearings, to mental health and criminal charges themselves, the concept of diversion—or preventing people from ending up behind bars—is being redefined.

  • What I Saw in New York's Most Notorious Jails and Prisons

    You don't see what I've seen and then just come out and be OK and adjust. We should get PTSD treatment for this shit.

  • How Do You Sell a Jail?

    With ongoing demands to downsize, figuring out what to do with America's massive inmate population is one of the greatest challenges to criminal justice reform.

  • ​The Best Way to Close Jails Is to Make Them Visible

    To win support for the resources and programs America's incarcerated people need, the public has to see what life is really like behind bars.