• How Do We Solve North America’s Heroin Epidemic?

    Groundbreaking rehab specialist Dr. Gabor Maté believes current recovery methods are failing our youth. I couldn't care less about eating with Kim and Kanye, but I was dying to speak to Dr. Maté about how to solve our heroin problem.

  • On Cory Monteith and What It's Like To Relapse

    "Oh man, the guy from Glee is dead," said a friend of mine while staring down at his iPhone. It was 1:30am Sunday morning on the dance floor at Toronto’s Augusta House. As a recovering alcoholic and prescription pill addict, I rarely stay out past...

  • Fun. Is No Fun

    I will endorse this band when it changes its name to “job.”

  • Records

    I cannot believe this is what normal music sounds like. Some French guy who’s friends with a celebrity hermaphrodite singing fake dancehall songs through an Auto-Tune over.