gran sasso

  • Sorry Einstein, Neutrinos Are Still Going Faster Than Light At OPERA

    Hey, remember a month or two ago when researchers at Italy's OPERA experiment "announced": that they'd found neutrinos moving faster than light -- between CERN on the...

  • Wrap Your Head Around Something Faster Than Light

    I can't really, or I don't want to yet. Spent too many hours on the can in college obsessing over relativity for it to just go down the toilet because some goddamn neutrinos think they can go faster than light. But that's what measurements taken at the...

  • Under an Italian Mountain, Dark Matter Search Comes Up Dry

    One of the biggest mysteries of astrophysics is being unraveled deep underneath a mountain less than 100 miles from Rome. The place is the Gran Sasso Underground Laboratory: Situated along an expressway tunnel underneath Gran Sasso mountain.