• End of the Road

    The final installment of our serialized graphic novel, the Highwayman.

  • Heavenly Lights

    How the Highwayman was born.

  • Family

    At the edge of the future, the Highwayman meets a cult of his own.

  • Sizzle

    The Highwayman's journey takes a grim turn into a scorched future—one that, given recent Trumpian events, is all the more in danger of unfolding.

  • Round the Bend

    In a future both advanced and crumbling, the Highwayman meets a fellow tortured immortal.

  • Disruption

    Hell comes to the future of Burning Man. Part 3 of the Highwayman.

  • Afterglow

    Enter drought, climate change, inequality, and a road trip to the Coachella of the future.

  • Man of God

    He's looking for a ride—to anywhere, anytime.