iphone 4s

  • Did This Kid Really Make a Vine While Stealing iPhones?

    Two days ago, a kid posted a Vine that shows him shoplifted two iPhones from what appears to be a Boost Mobile store—as of today, it's been looped over 3 million times, I reached out to him to get the story behind the viral video.

  • Despite What Your New Phone Says, There Is No Such Thing As 4G

    To a certain sort of person, the one that travels abroad and doesn't like to leave their iPhone at home, Apple's newest objet d'obsession delivers a wonderful feature: it's a 'world phone,' which means it can receive signals from both GSM and CDMA...

  • The 4S Things That Are Better To Do Than Care About The iPhone 4S

    My iPhone is mostly destroyed. In fact, the glass on it is so mangled and shattered that I've cut myself on it three times. Obviously I need a new phone, but do I give a shit about the iPhone 4S? Only sort of. Here's the thing: I have the 4. A fine...