• 'The Gatekeepers' Is the Most Boring Movie You Should See This Year

    'The Gatekeepers' is an astonishingly boring film that you should probably see. Astonishingly boring because people make interesting documentaries about such boring shit that it has become part of the strategy to presume your lack of interest and turn...

  • On the Road with Obama and Romney - Part 3

    I'd been asked to go see the vice presidential debates in person. Center College, where they were held, is close enough to Cincinnati to appeal to the freshman planning to drive home every weekend, and the thought was that I was already in the...

  • On the Road with Obama and Romney - Part 2

    The 2001 riots, which were the single major political moment of my youth, have become an odd historical anecdote, shared by kids recently moved from Knoxville or Indianapolis—"Do you know where the last American race riots happened? Cincinnati. Look it...

  • On the Road with Obama and Romney - Part 1

    The Malamut stuck his nose in my crotch and I asked the detective to move him away. He asked where I was headed. I said I was going to cover the election. He looked incredulous.