• Gifts for People Who Have Everything

    We here at MUNCHIES have tirelessly racked our greasy brains to compile the best food-related gifts on planet Earth, and quite possibly the universe. Behold, The MUNCHIES Holiday Gift Guide.

  • A Belgian Company Thinks Brits Should Learn to Love Horse Meat

    The UK might have freaked out about last year's horse meat scandal, but maybe it should discover the delicious, wholesome potential of equine jerky. At least, that’s what Belgian sports nutrition company Muscle Food says.

  • How to Eat for Free in London’s Fanciest Department Stores

    Everyone loves a free meal. And despite its artifice of glitz and sophistication, you can show up to Harrods unshaven and in a sweaty T-shirt with no intentions of spending money, and still holler at some duck rillettes.

  • The Brutal Work of a Bolivian Salt Miner

    Mining is a crucial source of employment for Bolivian men, but the conditions are notorious. Amidst reports of 24-hour days and corrupt bosses in gold and coal mines, only kind words are spoken about the Colchani cooperative who mine and export table...