john lurie

  • There Needs to Be More TV Like HBO's 'Painting With John'

    Like he did with his '90s cult series 'Fishing With John,' artist and musician John Lurie subverts expectations with his weird-as-hell new show.

  • VICE After Dark with John Lurie - Episode 3

    Tonight's show is all about getting in over your head. Biting off more than you can chew. Everyone does it, and it often leads to crippling embarrassment. Plus, an eight-caller crunchy-food musical experiment.

  • VICE After Dark with John Lurie - Episode 2

    This episode's specials guests are Steve Buscemi and Evan Lurie, the musician/composer/brother of the host. The theme of the episode is nervousness. What makes you nervous, and how do you cope?

  • The Story of Glenn O'Brien's 'TV Party'

    We traced the rise and fall of the public access show that featured monoliths of New York's art scene in the late 70s—from Debbie Harry and David Byrne to Iggy Pop and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

  • VICE After Dark with John Lurie - Episode 1

    Here's the premiere episode of VICE After Dark with John Lurie, a live internet radio show hosted by cult icon John Lurie. You know John. He's the guy from Fishing with John, all those Jim Jarmusch movies, and the band the Lounge Lizards.

  • John Lurie Has a New Late-Night Talk Show on VICE

    The first episode airs tonight and will feature Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We don't really know what's gonna happen, but we can guarantee it'll be weird.

  • John Lurie Talks About Art, Painting, and Not Putting Up with BS

    The actor and musician who was once a major downtown New York celebrity now devotes himself to painting and occasionally getting into arguments on Twitter.

  • Let's All Stop Complaining About High School

    “Peaked in high school” is a sound concept: a lot of people do. (A lot, a lot, a lot.) The adult lives of many high school mob bosses are just sad as all fuck, not sad like “I’m judging you for your social affiliations and entertainment choices” sad...