• 'Fuck, That's Delicious' Presents: Cooking With Mr. Wonderful Featuring Michael White

    Action visits chef Michael White at New York City's Marea to cook together and make his first public foray into the world of wine pairings.

  • How-To: Make a Late-Night Sandwich

    Renowned chef Michael White shows us how to make his favorite mortadella sandwich and breaks down what makes a good late-night sammy.

  • Action Bronson's Last Supper

    I've been an Action Bronson fanatic since 2011. Here's my vision for Mr. Baklava's last supper, joined by his 12 (wrestler) disciples, Phil Collins, and some of the best wine the world has ever seen.

  • VICE Eats with Action Bronson at Marea

    Chef Michael White cooks Action an elaborate six-course meal involving a decadent series of seafood dishes; everything from four styles of crudo to fusilli with red wine-braised octopus and bone marrow, hand-made lamb agnolotti, and five types of...

  • VICE Eats with Action at Marea

    Action is joined by friend and cousin by association, Big Body Bes, a self-proclaimed performer from Brooklyn. The duo pays a visit to NYC’s two-Michelin-star seafood restaurant, Marea, where chef Michael White cooks up an elaborate six-course meal.

  • Chef's Night Out: Michael White

    This episode of Munchies features Michael White, a New York City chef renowned for his handiwork at Marea, a seafood-focused Italian restaurant on Columbus Circle.