• These Dairy Cows Have Attained Krishna Consciousness

    Bhaktivedanta Manor is a sanctuary for members of the Hare Krishna movement living in London and the UK. There, devotees lovingly raise dairy cows for milk, yogurt, and cheese while treating their animals as sacred beings rather than just livestock.

  • Milk Is Having a Shitty Week

    Maybe you should believe some of that anti-milk hype that the hemp- and almond-water-chugging anti-dairy masses have been telling us for decades: Turns out, milk might actually be super-bad for you.

  • Drugs, Lies, and Nipples at the World Hand-Milking Championships

    As the Tour de France of cow-milking, the competition (this year, 43 milkers strong) is allegedly rife with whispers of doping—using performance-enhancing drugs to provoke excessive milk production.


  • Ass Invaders

    Hey, guess what? If you are an American man you are more likely to have cancer in your prostate than any other part of you.