• The Slow and Painful Death of the Dive Bar

    Remember the good times before some yuppie bought and ruined your favorite watering hole by renaming it something along the lines of an “eco friendly neighborhood pub serving IPA's only?" 

  • This Bartender Wants to Microwave Your Negroni

    “More and more people are cooking exciting things and having a go with food. I want it to be the same for drinks,” says Ryan Chetiyawardana, London bartender and inventor of the Nuked Negroni.

  • A Hand-Carved Ice Ball Could Make Your Drink Taste Better

    Bartender and ice carver Andrea Patelli’s hands are huge and he’s tossing a block of ice around without gloves. With short jabs, he chops off the corners, then rounds the edges as a pile of frozen chips melt to a puddle.