• Forget About Scary Movies; These Production Logos Will Terrify You

    If you’re like we are, you’ve spent untold hours working out a deep-seated fascination with TV station and production company "identity logos":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Production_logo, or idents. For those of you who weren’t babysat by a TV...

  • The Danger Triangle of the Face

    Try wrapping your head around this: Your face is a picking time bomb.

  • Total Progressive Collapse: Why Buildings Sometimes Crumble

    h3. (Image: "David Carriel":http://www.flickr.com/photos/15765624@N08/) _ODDITY examines strange and esoteric phenomena and events from the remote, uncanny corners of technology, science and history._ There’s no mystery, no great and shadowy...

  • When Resonance Attacks

    On July 5th, a 39-story office/shopping center building in Seoul, South Korea started to shake rapidly. For ten minutes vertical tremors violently rocked the building, causing an immediate evacuation of the premises. After the shaking subsided...