older men

  • A First Date With... Seasick Steve

    It’s tiring to date young guys: lacklustre Tinder dates, sub-par shags in stale flats, promises of weekend hangs that trail off into radio silence. What I need is a man.

  • Hate in an Elevator

    The elevator descended to the third floor and the door clanked open again, giving way to a little 100-year-old Chinese man holding a plastic shopping bag, who promptly entered the elevator and hit at least six different buttons. I watched over his...

  • To Grandpa's House We Go

    Photos and styling by Anna Bloda, with model Sylwia Blaszczyk.

  • Old Men I Want to Have Filthy Sex With

    I feel like I should clarify: I don’t want to get nasty with any of these old fellas because they used to be hot when they were young, like the way moms want to blow Jack Nicholson. I want these guys in all their wrinkly, jowly old age.

  • Oh What a Paradise It Seems

    Photos by Roe Ethridge; Styling by Annette Lamothe-Ramos and Mordechai Rubinstein