Pad Thai

  • You Have to Fight for Your Dinner at Toronto's Version of Thai New Year

    The Thai New Year is all about good food and drenching each other with water. But in a still-chilly Toronto, one restaurant is bringing the outdoor fest inside.

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    You've heard that tired old trope about how Italy stole pasta from the Chinese. But that the greatest culinary theft in history didn't actually happen: The world's great pasta dishes sprang up independently.

  • FARANG: The Story of Chef Andy Ricker

    Farang, the Thai word for foreigner, is the story of chef Andy Ricker and how he spun a 25-year obsession with Northern Thailand into the hit success that is his Pok Pok restaurant empire. This feature-length film, FARANG, explores Andy's story from...

  • Chef Andy Ricker Has Always Been Destined for Greatness

    The first line of my first review of Andy Ricker's Portland restaurant, Pok Pok in 2006: "You think you know Thai food, but you don't." It was true then, and it's true now. But I already knew people would surely flock to his doors like a methadone...

  • The Pad Thai You're Eating Is Garbage

    Chef Andy Ricker is obsessed with Northern Thai cuisine, and with the release of his cookbook, Pok Pok, everyone else will be too. We sat down with Pok Pok co-author, JJ Goode, to discuss some of the most unusual Northern Thai ingredients...