• This Canadian Pizzeria Isn't Allowed to Serve Cockroach Pizza

    A cockroach-topped pizza was to be served at the Calgary Stampede, an annual festival of all things Western—but border control has stepped in and ruined everyone's six-legged fun.

  • How to Cook Bugs: Scorpions

    It's almost impossible to avoid the deluge of headlines promising that insects are the future's great sustainable protein that will save our planet. But what if we simply took insects for what they are—ingredients? We spoke to one of the world's...

  • A Fist in the Face of God Presents... Full Speed Ahead Vol. 2

    One hour and eight minutes of full frontal, kick-you-in-the-throat speed metal.

  • Weed-Infused Scorpion Moonshine Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

    In a small surfing town in Ecuador, I sought Uña de la Gran Bestia, a liquor made by marinating scorpions, giant millipedes, and marijuana stalks in moonshine before selling it for a dollar a pop.

  • I Ate Bugs at an Australian Bug Shop

    The one thing that could end world hunger, save water, reduce environmental damage, and treat Alzheimer’s probably lives under your bed.

  • Among the War Pigs

    It’s amazing how many real-life Spinal Tap moments I’ve had. They always lead me to ask myself, “Did that really happen?” I had one of those experiences with Ozzy Osbourne in Nuremberg, Germany, in the same stadium where Leni Riefenstahl made her epic...