Stephen Keefe

  • A Conversation With 71-Year-Old 'Nazi Hunter' Thomas Walther

    Thomas Walther is spending his retirement not golfing or eating early bird specials, but trying to heal wounds left by fellow Germans in the Holocaust.

  • I Went to Montreal’s New Cat Café, on Shrooms

    I hate cats, so naturally it was a good idea for me to eat a bunch of magic fungus before going to a coffee shop full of felines at nine in the morning. It was fucking amazing.

  • I Took My Tinder Date to a Sci-Fi/Fantasy-Themed Fetish Party

    When a friend told me about a “Game of Thrones-themed kinky burlesque circus fetish party” coming to Montreal, I knew I had to go. I didn't want to go alone, so I asked a girl on Tinder if she'd join me. She said yes.

  • I Spent an Afternoon with Montreal Squeegee Punks

    At the forefront of Montreal infamous panhandling scene are the city’s iconic squeegee punks. We talked to the tatted, torn-denim clad army who walk into traffic and wash windshields for change at most of Montreal’s major intersections.

  • Flight Attendants See Some Crazy Shit

    Few people are more put upon and overlooked than flight attendants. Here, we complied some of their wildest stories—including BDSM mile high club attempts and multigenerational gravy fights.

  • Fast Food Workers See Some Crazy Shit

    Fast food restaurants are inherently chaotic. Since nobody knows the chaos of these convenient and oft well-priced restaurants like their employees, we reached out to them to hear their untold stories.