sugar industry

  • Jurors Will Decide Whether Sugar or Corn Syrup Is Worse

    The sugar industry is accusing high fructose corn syrup producers of falsely stating their product is as healthy as sugar. The corn syrup people are countersuing, saying that sugar has engaged in a long campaign of disparaging corn syrup.

  • Britain Is Aware of Sugar’s Dangers But Still Won’t Tax It

    The British government has finally released a report on the longstanding effects sugar has on both England’s public health and economy—a report that was originally scheduled to be released all the way back in July.

  • Filipino Sugarcane Workers Are Nearly the Walking Dead

    Thousands of sugarcane workers in the Philippines who are barely coping with their island’s dead season may face a possible zombie apocalyptic scenario as they battle catastrophic extreme weather changes and the possibility of an impending collapse of...