Tattoo Age

  • Thom deVita

    In part four of the Thom deVita 'Tattoo Age' series we explore the neighborhood in which Thom lived and worked, the Lower East Side of Manhattan. We also go into the types of tattoos Thom did, and what it took to talk someone into getting a tattoo that...

  • Thom deVita

    In part three of Thom deVIta's epic 'Tattoo Age' series, we take look at his personal history and how he came into tattooing.

  • Thom deVita

    This part of the Thom deVita 'Tattoo Age' series focuses on the touching and often hilarious relationship Thom has with the artist Nick Bubash.

  • Thom deVita

    Thom began tattooing in the mid 60s in New York City's Lower East Side when it was illegal. There isn't much information out there about him. So we interviewed Ed Hardy and others to tell his incredible story.

  • Valerie Vargas Bonus: A Visit with Lal Hardy

    When we filmed the Valerie Vargas 'Tattoo Age' series she took us to meet the legendary English tattooer, Lal Hardy. Lal has been tattooing since 1975 and is generally considered to be one of the people who elevated tattooing in the UK in the 1980s.

  • Thom deVita - Trailer

    Thom is an artist on many levels, and tattooing is just one of the ways he expresses himself. He began tattooing in New York City in the late 60s, when the practice was illegal. In this episode, which starts on November 21, we will hear from Don Ed...