Volume 19 Issue 6

  • Good Books, Good Looks

    Pictures of pretty girls reading important books.

  • Dicey Decisions

    George Cockcroft is a psychiatrist who makes all of his life decisions with a roll of the dice.

  • I’ll Give You Some Threats

    I texted some pretty mean shit from someone else’s phone to author Amelia Gray and she punched me in the face.

  • Readers Digesting

    We at VICE Australia love books—and lots and lots of cake—so we decided to make a book cake of our own as a test run for next year’s contest.

  • Prototype 2

    This game offends me.

  • The Room All to Itself

    This is one of James Purdy’s last unpublished manuscripts. Written in 1978, the short play is every bit as uncompromising and brutal as his fiction.

  • Genius in Exile

    Writer James Purdy's work is like a dark underground river that flows undetected through the American landscape and deserves to be waded in.

  • Raw 10

    The man wished that he could order her, naked, spreadeagled on a biscuit. One of the not-burnt ones.

  • Make the Book Cook

    I mean what I say, and I say what I mean. That’s the way you really rise to the top.

  • Fan Fiction Is for Fuckfaces

    Here is a sampling of my favorite top-ranked fan fiction stories, which your aunt will soon be secretly masturbating to.

  • Three Gangster Fables

    Three tales of criminal chaos.

  • Gaudifingers

    The Gaudifingers contagion is no longer contained. It results in rapid aging and painful terrifying death within minutes. Anyone you know could at any time be Gaudifingers.