Women in Net Art

This Glittery 3D Art Is Making Us Nostalgic for Myspace

Did we make your top eight?
Nicole Ruggiero
Women in Net Art

If 'Blade Runner' Was Kawaii, It'd Look Like This

There's something sinister hiding behind the cuteness.
Nicole Ruggiero
Projection Mapping

Karate-Inspired Choreography Gets a Futuristic Twist in This Video

The performance 'EXISDANCE' combines dance and real-time projection mapping to create a jaw-dropping spectacle.
Dyllan Furness

Dazzling 3D Monoliths Invade Japanese Cities and Landscapes

Shigeki Matsuyama combines real images with CG artworks, using WWI dazzle painting techniques.
DJ Pangburn

This Amethyst Encrusted CGI Sculpture Is a Relic From an Imagined Past

Alexia Rubod's mystical figure is reminiscent of ancient relics.
Francesca Capossela
felt zine

These Uncanny Digital Compositions Inspire Endless Possibility

Dutch artist Olga Fedorova’s surreal interior scenes toe the line between dreamworld and nightmare.
Nathaniel Ainley
paper art

Get Lost in These Intricate 3D Paper Worlds

Elisa Mearelli forms a limitless downward spiral with sheets of paper.
Diana Shi
music video

Let This Goopy Rainbow Music Video Melt Your Brain Forever

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa debut their latest song in an experimental 3D video.
Diana Shi
music videos

[Premiere] Ever Turn into a Plate of Spaghetti and Get Eaten By a Skeleton? Then You’ll Relate to This Video

The video for Beans’ latest, “Diamond Wizard,” follows a guy being chased through surreal 3D worlds by a dream-manipulating sorcerer.
Kevin Holmes
monday insta illustrator

Femmes Recline on Furniture in Sultry Minimal Illustrations

Ladies lounge on armchairs, couches, and stools in these pen-and-ink meditations on the female form.
Beckett Mufson
quantum physics

You Don't Need to Be a Rocket Scientist to Enjoy These Quantum Physics Visualizations

The universe’s subatomic particle collisions get an artistic spin.
Diana Shi
digital art

[Premiere] 3D Constructed Humanoids Imagine The Social Makeup of An Ancient War Ridden Civilization

The textured 3D humanoids by musician and visual artist, No Death, star in the 23rd issue of FELT Zine.
Nathaniel Ainley