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The high-school barbershop program arms disengaged students with scissors and ambition.


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Givenchy, tanning beds, and human growth hormones—we talked to bikies about aesthetics in the underworld.


For Prisoners Masculine Beauty Brings Power

There's something about Australia's prison system that breeds a culture of aesthetic obsession.


Nike 'Jailwinds' Are the Crown Jewel of Australia's Prison System

No one calls them 'Tailwinds' in prison. They're 'Jailwinds.'


We Talked to Migrants About the Cultural Significance of 'Scarface'

Tony Montana was the poster boy for a generation of migrant crooks in Australia.


Prisoners Are Using Kangaroo Courts to Enforce Stabbings and Beatings

Australian inmates who violate prison rules are being summonsed to absurd trials in their cells.


The Resurrection of Australia’s Most Violent Gang: Brothers 4 Life

We interviewed members of the B4L in Blacktown.


Igor Coko Captures Lost Time Inside a Serbian Prison

“Being a prisoner is a skill. You have to learn how to to stay undamaged.”


Revealing Poetry From the Prisoner Who Killed Carl Williams

Matthew "The General" Johnson killed Carl Williams. He also writes poetry.


Victoria’s Worst Serial Killer Is Now Doing Tarot Readings in Prison

Serial killer Paul Haigh was banned from using tarot cards because they featured illustrations of naked women. He took the case to the Supreme Court.


How Anti-Bikie Laws Fuelled Crime and Radicalised the Culture

Motorcycle clubs were once about motorcycles. Now, thanks to dumb laws and over-excited media coverage, they're about money.


Victorian Prisoners Put on an Art Show About 'Unfailing Love'

The exhibition of paintings, drawings, and sculptures was by prisoners from around the state.