Five Elephants Died Trying To Rescue A Calf That Drowned In A Waterfall

Two elephants survived, but experts say it will be hard for them to cope considering elephants rely strongly on their herds.


Weed Could Once Get Locals Killed in Bangkok. Now Cannabis Culture Is Taking Off

With marijuana legalized for medical use in Thailand, Bangkok’s stoners are emerging from the underground.


Thai State Hospitals Have Started Distributing Cannabis Oils

Those enrolled in the country’s universal health scheme can avail of the oils for free.


Children Are Still Fighting Muay Thai — Even After the Death of a Young Boy

Fans and families like things the way they are.


A Behind the Scenes Look at Thailand’s ‘Ladyboy’ Sex Industry

“I got into this type of work to provide for my family. Not just my parents, but my grandparents as well."


A US$48,000 Durian Was Sold In Thailand

The king of fruits was auctioned at a price that beat last year’s record of 800,000 Thai baht (US$25,500).


Some Asian Governments Claim LGBTQ Culture Is a Western Invention: Here’s Why That’s Garbage

From androgynous priests in Malaysia, to cross-dressing mediums in Vietnam, Asia has a proud tradition of gender-defying ritualism stretching back thousands of years.


In Thailand, Activists Are Literally Fighting For Their Lives

“That’s now eight activists who have gone missing. We’re on their ‘wanted’ list too and with all the other targets eliminated, we could be next. We are like calves, waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse.”


Philippine Supermarkets Follow Thailand, Vietnam in Ditching Plastic for Leaves

Supermarkets big and small are embracing the eco-friendly alternative to wrapping fresh produce in plastic.


A Dog Was Rescued After Being Found 220 Kilometres Out to Sea

It's not clear how the animal made it out to an oil rig in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand.


Taking a Selfie on this Thai Beach Could Score You the Death Penalty

Phuket authorities are trying to keep a popular holiday spot safe by threatening tourists with capital punishment.