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The Truth and Lies Issue

Powerful Photos of What Was Left Behind by America's Secret War in Laos

In her series, Operation Palace Dog, photographer Sadie Wechsler looks for ways to capture the veiled impact of American power in Laos.
Sadie Wechsler
space weather

A Giant Sun Storm During the Vietnam War Likely Exploded Dozens of Mines

“The extreme space weather events of early August 1972 had significant impact on the US Navy, which have not been widely reported.”
Becky Ferreira

How a Secret CIA Cell Fucked with Vietnam War Deserters

Spies who infiltrated antiwar radicals in Sweden helped spark fears of brainwashing and devotion to apocalyptic cults. 50 years later, we're still living with the aftermath.
Seth Ferranti

In Laos, People Are Recycling Bombs from the Vietnam War into Jewelry

Local artisans and two women with very different connections to the bombings in Laos have come together to clear contaminated land and improve the local economy.
Hadley Cooper

The Laotians Clearing Their Country of America's Unexploded Bombs

The wounds of a secret war.
Stephen M. Bland

A Painted Vietnam Helicopter Is Providing PTSD Therapy for Veterans

Steve Maloney turned a "Huey" helicopter into a traveling art installation aiding veterans.
Andrew Nunes

All This Will Happen, More or Less: A Kurt Vonnegut Opera Debuts in Indiana This Month

Here's a little-known fact: the 'Cat’s Cradle' and 'Slaughterhouse Five' author wrote an opera in the weeks leading up to his death. Now, 'Happy Birthday, Wanda June' makes its long-awaited debut.
Kara Weisenstein

Inside the US Effort to Clear Millions of Vietnam-Era Bombs in Laos

In some of Laos's impoverished rural villages, bomb craters have left the earth resembling the surface of the moon. The effort to clear Laos of war-era bombs goes on.
R. W. McMorrow

Listen to Burnt Toast’s Spoken Word Cover of The Mark of Cain’s ‘Point Man’

Though the song is stripped back with drum machine and buzzing synth, the lyrics about leading a platoon in the Vietnam War remain no less intense.
Noisey Staff
Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Spiro Agnew Shanks Golf Balls, the Vice Presidency

In 1971, Vice President Spiro Agnew hit three spectators with errant golf shots during a tournament. It was a symbolic moment for his influential and doomed political career, but not in the way you might think.
Michael Weinreb

A Brief History of Meth

How an experimental asthma remedy became one of the world's most feared drugs.
Julian Morgans

The Laotians Clearing Their Country of America's Unexploded Bombs

During the so-called "Secret War," the US dropped more than 2 million tons of ordnance on Laos—that's the equivalent to a planeload of bombs every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years.
Stephen M. Bland