Condoms Have Gotten So Damned Expensive in Argentina that People Aren't Using Protection

Tens of thousands may be having unsafe sex because the price of condoms and the pill have spiked in the recession-plagued country.


Police: Man Burned Friend's House Down after Soccer Argument

The Superclásico between Argentine teams Boca Juniors and River Plate is coming up on Saturday for the Copa Libertadores, and the rivalry is apparently big enough to cause a man to set his former brother-in-law's house on fire.


Argentina’s final push to legalize abortion just got voted down

"What this vote showed is that Argentina is still a country that represents family values."


Inside the 'Church' Devoted to Argentina’s Favourite Soccer Player

Diego Armando Maradona is one of the best soccer players of all time. And for many fans, he’s a god.


The Biggest Myths Busted During the Group Stage of the World Cup

After a thrilling two weeks, we've learned that a bunch of early-tournament narratives have turned out to be false as we head into the knockout stage.


Argentina is one step closer to legalizing abortion

If it passes the Senate, the legislation would allow abortions in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.


The World Cup Match That Spawned a Decades-Old Conspiracy Theory

When Argentina thrashed Peru at the knockout stages of the 1978 World Cup, the result led many to mutter darkly about fixes, political interference, and corruption at the highest level.


Argentina FA World Cup Manual Has Tips for Picking Up Russian Women

Some advice leading up to the the 2018 World Cup include: "Russian girls, like any other girls, pay close attention if you’re clean, you smell good, and if you dress well."


This Sexy Serial Killer Movie Is Like if Harmony Korine Did True Crime

Luis Ortega's 'El Ángel' tells quite a bit more than the story of 70s serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch​, the longest-serving prisoner in Argentina.


Some Argentinian Cops Tried To Blame Missing Weed on Stoner Mice

I guess some people do call it cheddar…


Argentina used flour to bust huge cocaine-smuggling ring run out of Russian embassy

The investigation began when Argentine police received a tipoff from the Russian ambassador over a year ago.


Five Questions for That Couple Who Fucked in a Moving Car

The only way to process the world is by asking questions of it.