Drew Brown


Of Course, ‘Mad Max’ Bernier Thinks More Diversity Is Bad

This is all just classic conservative Canada, reheated for 2018.


A Harassment Scandal Is Sinking Newfoundland Premier Dwight Ball’s Government

The only thing that makes sense about Dwight Ball’s response to the alleged harassment in his caucus is his utter and complete incompetence.


High History: A Look Back at Canadian Weed Law

On the eve of Canada’s landmark legalization legislation, here is a short guide to how illegal it was to smoke dope for over a hundred years.


Newfoundland Has Pushed its Financial Apocalypse Down the Road

The new budget isn’t facing reality.


Remembering the Time 10,000 Newfoundlanders Tried to Kill Their Prime Minister

Hey man, you try living through spring in St. John’s without wanting to smash some shit.


Kellie Leitch’s War on the 'Elites' Is a Hot Mess of Irony

The 'anti-establishment' candidate’s backers include an awful lot of super-rich bankers and media moguls. Weird how that happens.


We Are All This Polar Bear, Praying for an End to This Madness

We are animals, a screaming missile of hunger and horniness shooting straight from the womb to the tomb.


Everything You Need to Know About the Conservative Vote-Buying Thing

The stakes seem too low to call it a scandal, tbh.


The Alt-Right Has Eaten the Conservative Leadership Race

Sorry I meant to write something funny but then the Bernier meme appeared and it generated a completely new set of thoughts so here instead is a Serious Look at wtf is going on in this terminal stage of the CPC leadership race.


The Magic of Kellie Leitch’s Batshit, Beautiful Campaign Video

Spring has arrived early, my friends. There is only joy, where there was once only darkness.