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4 days ago

The Gaming Library That Helped a Neglected Neighborhood Find a New Identity

Marvila’s residents were forgotten until video games bridged the gap.


How a 14-Year-Old Designer Became Part of Apple's Splashy New Gaming Service

After being picked by Apple to attend the company's developer conference, he was given a chance to pitch them—and seized the moment.


Behind the Scenes on 'Session,' the Game Picking up the 'Skate 4' Torch

VICE Games chats with the developers of Session, the would-be heir of EA's Skate franchise, about difficulty, realism, and skating history.


The Composer of Kingdom Hearts Has Never Stopped Reinventing Herself

A master of disparate styles, Shimomura achieved greatness without pretense.


The Messy Relationship Between Mario Maker's Hacking Community and Nintendo

Some of Mario Maker's biggest fans love to break the game, thinking they're making new tools. Nintendo wants to ban them.


The Worst Ways People Have Lost Their Saved Games

Warning: Heartbreak within.


What Happens to a Streamer Known For Opening Loot Boxes After They're Gone?

YouTube creator Jon Sandman is famous for opening loot boxes in 'Rocket League,' a game that's about to ditch them.


Grandson Makes WWII Game Based on 92-Year-Old Grandmother's Tragic Memories

'Brukel' takes inspiration from games like 'Gone Home' to capture what it was like to grow up on the frontlines of war.


An Online Feud Killed a Gaming Oddity People Had Waited 21 Years For

The strange world of fan localizations—a land of eternal hope and broken promises—dashed the excitement of fans ready to play this obscure 'Twin Peaks'-inspired game.


20 Years Later, ‘Jagged Alliance 2’ Remains an Irreplaceable Tactics Game

A renaissance in tactics games has never come close to matching one of the classics of 1999.


20-Second Gauntlets of Death Are the Hottest Trend in 'Mario Maker'

The best part is, you don't have to be an expert to beat them!


The Emotional Story Behind the Music in 'Sea of Solitude'

Singer-songwriter Stella Angelika was just returning to music after a personally traumatic event. She had no idea her work would so closely parallel the game it ended up in.