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Why I Tracked My Trolls Across the Planet to Shame Them

We get to choose the kind of world we live in. Sometimes that means calling up the parents of teens spewing hate on the internet.
Jessica Davey-Quantick
Deep Ass Questions

Oi Nickelback Fans, How Does It Feel to Love the Band Everyone Hates?

We headed down to the band's sell out show at the O2 in London to interrogate some die hard Nickelbackers.
Daisy Jones

How to Tell Off Your Enemies: Advice from the ‘Experts’

A defence lawyer, mixed martial artist, an ex-NHLer, and a comedian told us how they deal with their haters.
Ebony-Renee Baker
Internet Exploring

Jerk Starts Petition for Newly Un-Retired Phil Collins to Re-Retire, Thousands Sign

I Cannot Believe It's True.
Craig Jenkins

Nigel Sylvester on Breaking the Mold and Taking on BMX (Part 2)

Nigel Sylvester might be BMX's most recognizable figure, but his life and career are anything but typical of the sport.
VICE Sports

Leave Jonathan Franzen Alone

Why do people on the internet hate the acclaimed author so much, or feel like it's cool to publicly proclaim that they do?
Emily Gould
Deep Ass Questions

Were Death Grips Heroes or Horseshit?

As the now defunct band announce the release date of their final album, Jenny Death, two guys argue about their legacy.
Drew Millard
Joe Zadeh

BeautyCon Exposes The Ugly Truths of YouTube Culture

BeautyCon is described as a place where "professional beauty gurus, editors, celebrities, bloggers and YouTube personalities" interact with fans; it ultimately exists, as do most things in the modern world, for marketing purposes.
Megan Koester

An Interview with Erin Jane Nelson

"There's always this closet of shit ready to be dropped out at any moment, for any need."
Kyle Laidig

The VICE Guide to Self-Esteem

An A-to-Z guide to getting confident, stupid.
Alison Stevenson

DJing with a Desktop iMac Is Badass, and F*ck the H8rs

Real DJs rock a party regardless of their gear, so why are some wack bloggers getting all classist about one DJ’s computer?
Max Pearl
Girl News

Girl News - Everything Is the Worst

It’s the duty of youth to challenge corruption, said our bleach-blond man in the striped sweater, and it is, and not acknowledging the full, filthy thrust of the corruption of Girl Nation by internal and external forces because it’s nicer to just not...
Kate Carraway