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America Is No Longer a Safe Country and Canada Should Say So

Canada has a responsibility to call out industrialized child abuse and defend the rights of asylum seekers.
Drew Brown

Young Immigrants Are Rushing to Renew Paperwork Before Trump Kicks Them Outmed

With just days left before the deadline to apply for another two years of protection from deportation, organizers and advocates went into overdrive.
Jaime Fuller

A radical anti-immigration group infiltrated the GOP. Now it’s in the White House.

FAIR enjoys broad support among Republican lawmakers and unprecedented influence in the Oval Office. A cadre of former staffers and allies fill the Trump administration’s highest ranks, and FAIR’s ideas are profoundly shaping national immigration...
Tess Owen

Britain's Immigration Policy Is Just as Draconian as Donald Trump's 'Muslim Ban'

Trump’s revised travel ban is yet to come into effect, but Theresa May has already built a wall, deported Muslims, and thrown innocent people into detention centres.
Joe Zadeh
student protests

High school students from coast to coast stage anti-Trump walkouts

Tess Owen
Daniel Hernandez

How a Clinton-Era Law Is Still Criminalizing Immigrants Today

Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibly Act reinforced the idea that there are "good" immigrants and "bad" immigrants, and the bad ones should be deported straight away.
Aviva Stahl
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Can We Stop Pretending Donald Trump's Speeches Are Interesting?

A much-hyped speech on immigration was just a rehash of the same build-the-wall-and-deport-them-all rhetoric he's been spouting all year.
Harry Cheadle
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The Far Right Is Pissed that Donald Trump Wants to Be Nicer to Immigrants

That taco salad was just the beginning.
Mike Pearl
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We Asked an Expert What Will Happen to Obama’s Immigration Plans Now

Does the Supreme Court's 4-4 split on the president's executive actions on deportations mean those measures are definitely dead?
Ted Hesson
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We Asked Immigration Experts How Trump's Muslim Ban Would Actually Work

The consensus: It probably wouldn't.
Mike Pearl

What a Reagan-Era Policy Can Teach Us About US Immigration Reform Today

Immigrants look back on what's changed—and what hasn't changed—since the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.
Ted Hesson
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Vancouver Approves Policy Guaranteeing Undocumented Immigrants Can Use City Services

The 'Access Without Fear' policy was passed unanimously on Wednesday by city council.
Jake Kivanc