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RIP 'Nathan for You'

Comedy Central says the show will not return, but maybe this is all just another elaborate hoax.
River Donaghey
Nathan For You

'Nathan for You' Is a Perfect Indictment of Late Capitalism

Nathan Fielder's Comedy Central masterpiece is perfect for our times.
K.T. Nelson
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'Nathan for You' Wages War on Uber in the Season Four Trailer

This season, Nathan Fielder turns a computer store asexual, innovates with a chili vendor, and helps a Bill Gates impersonator find love.
VICE Staff
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Watch Mac DeMarco Give a Spaced Out Performance of "On The Level" on 'Conan'

It's the latest TV performance on the 'This Old Dog' promo trail.
Lauren O'Neill

I Went to Nathan Fielder’s Holocaust Awareness Outdoor Apparel Sale

It was exactly as weird and earnest as you’d expect.
Lonnie Nadler
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Here Is That Ten-Hour Loop of Tom Delonge's Verse on "I Miss You" You Wanted

Thanks, Nathan Fielder, for this thing we didn't know we needed.
Dan Ozzi

Talking to Comedian Tim Gilbert About Bestiality and the Time He Made An Ass Out of Himself In Front of Louis CK

We talked to comedian Tim Gilbert about the time he scarred an audience with the aid of Nathan Fielder, DVDs, a dog, and a woman, and making the Ikea Monkey Lady cry on national TV.
Jordan Sowunmi

We Talked to Chris Locke About Sad Firefighters and His #1 Comedy Album

One of Canada's most staggeringly original comedians just released a comedy album that hit #1 on the iTunes Comedy charts, so we decided to talk to him about bad auditions, insecurity, and being a part of a comedy troupe once dubbed "the new Kids In...
Jordan Sowunmi

No One Can Hurt Nathan Fielder's Feelings

Nathan Fielder is an amazingly weird Canadian comic with a business school education whose brand new Comedy Central show revolves around trying to get businesses to try out terribly bad ideas. It's hilarious so far, and we spoke to him about it.
Jordan Sowunmi