New Study Says Singapore Is the ‘Smartest City’ in the World, but Ranks Other Southeast Asian Cities at the Bottom

The city-state leads in both reliable infrastructure and technology for residents.


Filipino Scientists Have Invented a Device to Monitor Coral Without Getting in the Water

It is seen as a more cost-efficient way to take care of the country’s marine life.


Celebrities Will Say Almost Anything on This App for the Right Price

This is what being famous in 2019 looks like.


Someone Used the Domino's Pizza App to SWAT a California Home

Victims of these acts have been seriously injured and even killed by police officers who have responded to the phony emergency calls.


Everything You Need To Know Before India’s First Moon Landing Tonight

The Indian Space Research Organisation calls the upcoming moments of descent “terrifying”.


Here's How Much Pornhub Knows About You

Advertisers can target your location, language, sexual preferences and the specific browser you're using.


Shanghai Will Soon Have Fleets of Driverless Taxis

Several Chinese companies are unveiling their plans to release self-driving vehicles for public use.


A New Generation of Students Is Teaching Us How to Reduce E-Waste

In colleges and universities across the United States, students are taking classes on how to repair our electronics that normally end up as e-waste.


Russia Just Sent This Robot, Which Can Shoot Guns, Into Space

Meet "Fyodor," which will arrive at the International Space Station on Saturday and definitely won't become self aware.


Fitbit to Provide Wearable Fitness Trackers in Collaboration With Singapore Government’s Health Initiative

The Singapore government is promoting healthy living amid rising cases of diabetes and heart disease.


Eight Of The Ten Most-Surveilled Cities In The World Are In China

The two other non-Chinese cities in the top ten are outside Asia, while Singapore appeared in 11th place.


An Inventor in Hyderabad Has Created a Women's ‘Smart Bangle’ That Electrocutes Attackers

The wearable protective gear sends out taser-like shocks when a woman’s arm is held in a certain way.