Behind the US's Bogus War on Taliban Drug Labs

America has spent tens of millions of dollars blowing up heroin and meth labs in Afghanistan. Except many of them are just huts.


The US Army Somehow Thought This Rap Recruitment Video Was a Good Idea

"Uniform: paid for. Electric bill: paid for. Water bill: paid for."


Five Questions About… Those Snowflake Army Ads

Honestly a snowflake army sounds good I don't know what the fuss is all about.


Member of a Neo-Nazi Terror Group Appears To Be Former Canadian Soldier

Using sources and hidden chat networks, VICE has traced the code name of an Atomwaffen member to Brandon Cameron, a former Nova Scotia soldier.


Will North Korea Drive Japan to Remilitarise?

Thanks to the legacy of American occupation, Japan hasn't had much in the way of a military since World War II. An election this past weekend might help change that.


The US Soldiers Stuck in Immigration Limbo Under Trump

The Army wanted 19-year-old Private First Class Kyungmin Cho and others like him. Now it's not so sure.


Death, Dehydration and Amputations: Young Army Recruits Aren't Treated Very Well

"One of the guys in my unit died. He collapsed after having been forced to do press-ups for hours, under a cold shower in the middle of winter."


How US Army Technology Gave Rise to the McRib

The US Army pioneered restructured meats in the 1960s, and that technology found its way into beloved fast food menu staples.


The Real Problem with Having Soldiers On Britain's Streets

Away from the politics, there are some fairly serious practical concerns.


Trump Beefing with His Generals Is Good for Democracy

Reports of infighting between the president and the guy who replaced Mike Flynn might actually be a healthy sign for civilian control of the military.


How the US Military Could Spend $54 Billion

President Trump wants to take a hatchet to America's federal budget, and give what's left to its military. Here's what that might look like.


Pentagon Posted a Video from 2007 to Prove the Raid in Yemen Was Successful

The military took it down a few hours later after realizing the mistake, saying it had not been properly analyzed.