London's Homeless Talk About Sleeping On Public Transport

We met the rough sleepers forced to take refuge on public transport, and the charity workers doing what they can to help them.
Cliff Joannou
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Rowdy Men-Only Charity Event Shut Down After Groping Claims

Women working the event for scions of British business, politics and entertainment said they were repeatedly groped and propositioned.
Drew Schwartz
Supreme Bears

Supreme Has Made a Pudsey Bear Doll That's Selling for £20,000

It's covered in the brand's collaborative print with Louis Vuitton.
Mac Hackett
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This Town Is Burning a Big-Ass Effigy of Harvey Weinstein This Weekend

The annual British bonfire bash has torched massive replicas of Donald Trump​, Lance Armstrong​, and Saddam Hussein in the past.
Drew Schwartz

Raves and the Rolling Stones: The History of Drugs Charity Release

Release has been advising people on drugs and drugs law for the last half century.
James Nolan
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The 'Dodgeball' Cast Is Reuniting for a Final Charity Showdown

And one lucky raffle winner will get to join them.
VICE Staff
Charity Work

A Visit to the Pope Francis Laundrette

The pontiff's passion for helping the poor has inspired a new service for the homeless in Rome.
Matteo Contigliozzi
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Some Generous Stoner Left a Bunch of Weed to Goodwill in a Donated Cooler

Police in Washington are currently looking for the mysterious Johnny Marijuana Seed figure who left nearly four pounds of weed at the local charity store.
Brian Moylan
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One of Our Favourite Labels Is Throwing a Party to Raise Money for the Homeless

Coyote Records are teaming up with Crisis for a very special party in Brixton this Sunday.
Josh Baines
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Eric Prydz to Play Two Charity Shows in Memory of Fan Who Died of Cancer

James Lillo passed away earlier this week before seeing his favorite producer one last time.
Krystal Rodriguez

Acne Studios Withdraw Sandal After VICE Raises Similarities to Charity Design

The €400 sandals looks very similar to a charity shoe that prevents disease in the developing world.
Niloufar Haidari

'Design for Progress' Is the Charitable Alternative to Black Friday Spending

Because the world needs a safety net a whole lot more than you need new speakers.
Kara Weisenstein